Imo Old Version APK App Download For Android 2.0+

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Imo old version apk app downloads for free. The older are now suitable for Android 2.0+. Imo versions of 2015, 2016 is best for the Android 2.0, 2.3, 2.3.5, 2.3.6 and other elders. We will be introducing you to the most popular releases. The best features and the historical released also. Even there is a download link to get it to senior devices.

This Chat App Content At A Glance

Download Imo Old Version APK App for Android

If you are an old model (version) Android user; you should use the versions of 2015 and 2016. Because The Android 2.0 and letters have only 256/512MB ROM memory only 🙁 Maybe you are now facing the world’s disgusting problem about “memory full” dialogue of Android.

You clean your memory every day. But it does not enough for freeing some internal space. I think you are now decided to imo video call old version download.

This app is only installable in internal memory. So, after every update, it increases it’s weight and gradually fills fixed memory. What a horrified man? It’s looking like a robber is grab your places!

Some users are trying to install imo on their external memory. But there is no way to install it on SD card. But Imo free video calls and chat is a necessary chatting app for Android. As a result, peoples have put it on his ROM and decrease his valuable memory spaces.

For various excellent features, the old versions are helpful for them. Let’s go for to see the most useful features of the versions of 2015 and 2016.

Main Facilities for Android 2.0+

Imo 2015/2016 versions are flexible for senior Androids. Inasmuch as you have about 512mb RAM and 256mb internal memory. So your capacity is very low for as for now.

  1. Reduce your RAM eating more than 75% by using old apps.
  2. Get some free space at your internal memory (ROM).
  3. Lighty apps are flexible for old Androids. So, get a full speedy phone by installing it.
  4. There are some more useful features are in the backdated versions like sending some old model stickers :). These stickers and animated pictures are not available in the recent version.
  5. The user interface is the most helpful for senior family members like your Father/Mother. Maybe they do not understand the newer. So they depend on the old and old is handy for them.
  6. Etc other features.

Imo Version History

Here is the version history the apk. It from 2015 to 2016. Find which is suitable for your phone and get it by one click only. But you should safely use old imo. Because imo can be hack by a frank apk app software.

Imo Versions of 2015

Here are total 28 version details and release dates.

SL App Name Version File Type Release Date
1 imo messenger 7.1.27 APK December 25, 2015
2 imo messenger 7.1.26 APK December 17, 2015
3 imo messenger 7.1.25 APK December 07, 2015
4 imo messenger 7.1.24 APK December 02, 2015
5 imo messenger 7.1.23 APK November 16, 2015
6 imo messenger 7.1.22 APK November 01, 2015
7 imo messenger 7.1.21 APK October 21, 2015
8 imo messenger 7.1.20 APK October 03, 2015
9 imo messenger 7.1.19 APK September 19, 2015
10 imo messenger 7.1.18 APK August 30, 2015
11 imo messenger 7.1.17 APK August 10, 2015
12 imo messenger 7.1.16 APK July 25, 2015
13 imo messenger 7.1.15 APK July 05, 2015
14 imo messenger 7.1.14 APK June 29, 2015
15 imo messenger 7.1.13 APK June 18, 2015
16 imo messenger 7.1.12 APK June 08, 2015
17 imo messenger 7.1.11 APK June 01, 2015
18 imo messenger 7.1.10 APK May 22, 2015
19 imo messenger 7.1.9 APK May 05, 2015
20 imo messenger 7.1.8 APK April 30, 2015
21 imo messenger 7.1.7 APK April 21, 2015
22 imo messenger 7.1.6 APK April 01, 2015
23 imo messenger 7.1.5 APK March 18, 2015
24 imo messenger 7.1.4 APK March 05, 2015
25 imo messenger 7.1.3 APK February 28, 2015
26 imo messenger 7.1.2 APK February 05, 2015
27 imo messenger 7.1.1 APK January 25, 2015
28 imo messenger 7.1.0 APK January 10, 2015

We will post the versions of 2016 within few days. Please wait for the imo old version APK of 2016. Also, we attached download link also. Thank yours for patients!

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