Best WhatsApp Hacking Related Websites 2018

By | February 24, 2018
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WhatsApp is now the leading IM app in the world. More than 10 million of users are a wide range of extremes in the earth. Do you know? The official WhatsApp authority does not give you the real protection to protecting your account. Because over the past year, a large number of users have been hacked. In the recent year of 2018, WhatsApp new version has a bug. Hacker uses the WhatsApp bug for targeting a victim. Not only this, there are a lot of spy tools and apps is now available.

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Best WhatsApp Hacking Websites In 2018

According to our research, we found some best websites for spying. Some of them are paid and also free of use. But we especially recommend using WhatsApp Sniffer for free WhatsApp Hack.

Professional WhatsApp Hacking Websites

HackingADDA – They Hack by a Spy Tool

HackingADDA gives free service. They build up a spy software to help the people who want to secretly log or grabbing his girlfriends account. Their purpose is to save your children from WhatsApp abusing. And, protecting yourself by learning this method.

According to their disclaimer, they only make the website for fun and they respect the WhatsApp authority & team. But I think, you should learn the method for preventing your account.

Also, HackingAdda shares the updated news for WhatsApp messenger. I think the Europen users are feeling hesitation about “Adda” :). Adda is a Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian word. It means a ‘meeting place’ or ‘club’ where the friends and family members enjoy the conversational funs.


Spyzie is another website for sharing various hacking tips and tricks. They use all the methods for hunting WhatsApp account. Using spy tools, Various apps and even they can manually fill up the target to expose the victim’s chat sessions!

Their website is gorgeous and excellent for learning various methods for hacking. I prefer them, especially because maybe they have some specialist. So you can use them. Also, this website has some best keylogger. I recommended you to try them for minimum a single time. Related Topic: Need WhatsApp? Go here and read.

Hack Spy App – Best for WhatsApp Spy Apps Reviews

One of the most review based website for selecting an app/spy software to hack Whatsapp. Before, buying or using any spy software read the reviews from HackSpyApp first. Every software descriptions are long and informative. The conversion rate is very high on this site, maybe more than 60%.

Initially, there are only 4 tools reviews on the site. Such as  MSPY (the number one), HIGHSTER MOBILE, FLEXISPY and finally, HOVERWATCH.

Are you a WhatsApp beginner? Read more about How to Start a Video Chat on WhatsApp.


They are best and too much professional for WhatsApp Hacking. If you need to hire a an expert, you can contact on their websites.  But we suggest free tools first. Finally, “Please do not harm anyone. Just learn to protect your account and prevent abuse of WhatsApp of your children/younger

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