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By | January 27, 2018
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All the methods of IMO download are not highly harder than other apps download and install. But you should learn about almost all the methods for PC and Mobile. In this article, you can learn how to download IMO for all your devices. But the good news is that IMO is now free for using lifetime with iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile/Desktop/PC. And, totally free for download from our secure server.

This Chat App Content At A Glance

All The Best With IMO

IMO is the first choice for instantly connect with a partner/friends in a simple video call which is face to face. And. free for download on Android/iPhone/Windows PC, Laptops and Desktops. Looking ahead to IMO all time. Among the best of the best list of free video chat apps; Imo is not the super best of the best!

Make a comfortable audio, video chat app, containing a simple and handy user interface. Basic to an Advanced user, all the peoples are like IMO for its simplicity and without costing features. Though IMO looks like the other chat apps. But as an IMO user, you will get some more facilities n features from the other chatting applications.

IMO Download for Mobile

To continuously enjoying all the gorgeous facilities of IMO; An user needs to Download IMO first. You have already know that only shares the best apps for a chat. By the way, we are now sharing the download information for the captain of the planet of chat apps mania.

imo download for mobile/PC

In this chat app mania, every method for download imo app is described one by one. Easiest road to download this from the official website named But on the official website, the download options are very hard and sometimes they referred a visitor to the various online app store.

These online app stores are required different elements such as creating a user id, passwords, official authorizations etc. Even they want to you for master card information, phone/laptop buying information! As a result, these ways are very painful. But IMO download from AppsnChat Server for Mobile is too much easy! Connected with us! This article will update day by day.

Download APK of IMO For Android

Get the latest version of APK for Android to start a free chat. The best option to face calling communicates with FnF or office colleague. Maintain your business from a far place by installing IMO on your Android. It may help you a lot in the communicating field by Voice and Video calling. Even support sending various file sending like image, screenshots, voice messages, stickers, animated gif files and texts/docs.

No hidden charge, no using limitation and nothing to send. All the ways are open with imo 24hours in a day, 7days in a week and 365 days in a year!

More than 10million downloads from the app store until 11th February 2018. So this app is too much popular for Android handset/Pad buyers.

How much data consumed by IMO?

The Appropriate application to save your data on the live video call. On average, per minute video call cuts less than half megabytes from data pack. Here are the details for data consumed details:

IMO Data Reducing Accounting Experiment for Android Result 2018

Per Minute Video Call– Less Than 500KB Only. But depending on your 2nd Camera too! How much your megapixel your front camera? High pixel, High data.

For 1 Minute Voice Call– Only 50KB per minute.

Per Text message /Sending Docs– For every normal sentence based text messages, it only cuts less than bytes!

A Multimedia Message– Dependents on your MMS files.

Every Sticker Sending– Minimum 5KB and maximum 30KB.

Download imo from our server

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  1. Salah Uddin Sharif

    This is great post about IMO app download. IMO is a very popular video calling and messenger app that is available for mobile devices and also PC. I hope everyone get better idea after read this article. Thanks

  2. Burhan Uddin

    In my opinion, Emo is the world’s number 1 communication medium.Talking at low cost and sending messages without any hassle. I am encouraging everyone to use imo.

  3. Burhan Uddin

    hey, I forgot to ask you a question.
    How to download imo beta version for Android? Please answer me.

  4. Sawon

    My sim card is lost, my father registration this sim card, now my father stay in Saudi Arab, so I need this sim card,plz


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