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An excellent app for chatting online free! The user need download WeChat APK for Android to connecting with his friends through WeChat app. This application has a different version for different mobile phone operating system. But Android version is the best for all climate of networks. Works very goodly in the low-quality network also. But high-quality (3G, 4G, 5G etc) signals are too much good for establishing a video call. Also, good for receiving and sending audio signals for Audio calls at normal internet signal. The app is strong for chatting from anywhere from the green planet. is glad to share this app with Android peoples. Stay with this informative article and download WeChat app for your Android/Pad in one click from our secure and hottie server!

This Chat App Content At A Glance

Download WeChat APK for Android Mobile n PAD

We appreciate your reading patience. Download option is easy on our own server. AppsnChat does not share download link on the other file-sharing website. This chatting and calling app sharing website upload applications in our private folder of cPanel. Get WeChat from the safe and hassle-free online APK storage of our extra-ordinary single click gathering on your Android.

download WeChat APK for Android

Features of WeChat APK file

Simple, best, excellent and enough for anyone who wants to connect without any charge via this Android phone. An easy, free messaging app for communicating and sharing status with multimedia like a social sharing profile. Share and send almost every kind of files such as jpg, mp4, mp3, txt, doc, and many others.

You should use it on Android for these facilities:

Call conference method has added a value to this app. This feature is added new dimensions between the kingdom of chatting apps and software. Make a coffee house in the online by adding more than 10 peoples with you. Most of the free video chat app’s are missing call conference feature. But WeChat is always looking Android users needs.

Is it safe for my privacy?

Always safe! and to be safe in future also. Give you the chance of total privacy protected calling facilities. Never been broken your private calls data. Even the country authority has no ways to leak your conversion! Recently the TRUSTe has given a certificate for good privacy protection. So tension-free use.

Can I get a social profile?

Yes! after creating an account on the application, you will get a social profile wall. And, you can remake it at your choice. Add profile photos, favorite videos, you status etc.

Is it possible for calling a phone number from WeChat?

Not only app to app calling, WeChat support app to a phone number calling feature. Type your desired number with the country code and press dial. Get a crispy and clear calling experience by WeChat.

Is it possible for the app to mobile calling in free of charge?

No, it is impossible to call free form the WeChat Android app to a mobile number. But the call charge is very low from the low. Due to the internet calling feature; it may be same to calling within your country and the foreign also. But the rate is too much low. has really appreciated you for reading this in the last paragraph. We will update this article in the while the next update download WeChat app for Android released. Update WeChat New version APK for Android will publish with the next month. So keep your eye on this news-based writing.

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