Download Voxox APK & PC version for free call to any mobile

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Download Voxox apk for calling free in anonymous calling to any mobile number all over the world in free of charge and save your private calling data or chatting data for your privacy. Voxox apk is a full free apk for calling any country’s mobile number of the world. It is available for ANDROID, IOS, WINDOWS, and MAC even! As a result, this app is now the most popular free Internet and apps for cell phone calling app. The popularity of Voxox is increasing day by day. It is an app for calling any local or other country’s mobile number in full freedom. Firstly, when you install the voxox.apk on your android device and do the registration, you will get $1 for free talk time. On others calling app; you can make a call from apps to mobile. But Voxox can call apps to mobile. So download the voxox apk app form our site.

You can call any mobile number from all over the world. After finishing the $1, you need to buy credit for making any call. But if you have another SIM, you can be got another $1 in free by new number registration on the voxox server. But is not a good work. Such kind of work is another cheating. Everyone should avoid this cheating.

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Features and instruction’s of Official Voxox apk for android

  1. Firstly, Download voxox apk file from our secure server.
  2. Now install voxox apk file and run it.
  3. After installing the app, open it.
  4. No, you will find a registration box.
  5. Create a free call account by your mobile number;
  6. You will get $1 Free at the first time;
  7. Call any country or local number in super low rate;
  8. Message to any phone by the official Voxox App;
  9. Call any mobile number for your PC or Laptop; [e.g. firstly install voxox pc version or your Desktop]
  10. Receive any call;
  11. Receive free inbound calls with a US Phone Number;
  12. Translate SMS in our native language;
  13. Share your photos-videos-contacts and location even;
  14. Call conference facilities;
  15. Make a chat group or direct;
  16. ETC.

Download Voxox apk and Details:

Download it form AppsnChat and see the download version to install it on your Android. Before install please go the Settings>Security>Unknown Sources on your Android to install apk file from our server.

App Name: Voxox.apk (Android version)
App Weight: 17.00mb only
Developed/Offered by Voxox Inc.
Current App Version:  Latest
Supported Android version: 3.0 or later version

If the app is not installed on your partner’s phone, yet you can call to your partner’s mobile number! Voxox has a PC version also. So it is easy to call from any Personal Computer or a Laptop. If someone wants to call from his laptop, he should insert a headset on laptop or PC. Ok thanks to everybody.

Download Voxox APK for Android

How to make a high-quality HD free call via Voxox apk?

Voxox is an internet free internet calling android apps. As a result, before calling via this app you should give a guarantee of a high-quality cell phone network such a minimum 3G of 4G with fully powerful network signal. Without 3G or 4G you can’t get the juicy experience of voxox. But you can also call via 2G network but it will be the very low-quality call.

You need a data plan to call via this app. Because without data connection this app does not work. So firstly buy a data connection from your mobile phone network service provider. Before, buying a data plan make sure that the data plan is 3G of 4G package.

Download Voxox for PC

voxox for PC

Voxox is an awesome software/app for using Windows/Android/iPhone or Apple/Mac and Linux operating system. We have already shared the Android apk version of Voxox. Some of our visitor request for sharing the Desktop version of VOXOX. According to the needs of our valuable visitor; we are shared the desktop- windows/mac version of VOXOX software. Voxox users can download the latest version from our server forever!

Voxox Desktop Software Details:

App Name: Voxox.exe (Desktop version)
App Weight: 24.00mb only
Developed/Offered by Voxox
Current App Version: latest version
Supported Android version: Not Applicable (N/A)

Instruction’s for Desktop Voxox users:

  1. Click here for Download the desktop/windows or Laptop version of Voxox.exe;
  2. It is only 27.5 megabytes;
  3. Install the voxox.exe file on your desktop;
  4. Now run the voxox software form your desktop shortcut icon;
  5. Create an account or login with the previous ID;
  6. In the first time of registration, you will get free $1 (talk time);
  7. Cost the free $1 for call and SMS;
  8. Type any mobile number and take a free mobile phone call experience all over the world;
  9. Send an SMS/Message to your friends or family;
  10. Make group for chat for making a chat club;
  11. Call conference is available;
  12. User-friendly and easy to use;
  13. World’s most wonderful free calling feature all over the world;
  14. Low costing data. So flexible for your data plan;
  15. High-quality audio call;
  16. Supported network: 4G, 3G, 2.5G, 2G, and  EDGE even!
  17. The first login only, no need to login repeated;
  18. When Windows start voxox is automatically started and sign in automatically.
  19. Receive any call from your desktop;
  20. Call to any other device from your desktop;
  21. Send or receive message from your desktop;
  22. Share any media file like as video-audio-photos to another voxox user;
  23. ETC.

The popularity of VOXOX is increasing quickly. Because it is free for download for Android and PC/Desktop. Also, the software authority will give you $1 for free to call any mobile. Anyone can download voxox desktop version from our server. Even download APK for Android too! So start using the app right now. Stay with us and enjoy the full features of this awesome app.

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